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In Barcelona, one can stumble upon various art galleries selling different artworks. However, Matiz Gallery stands out for its exceptional ability to form a cultural and visual bridge between Catalan, Latin American, and international contemporary art. Our curator and gallerist, Juan Ramirez, carefully selects paintings and pieces from renowned artists worldwide, making them available at affordable prices.

We are excited in featuring the works of prominent artists like Alex Voinea, Jordi Artigas, Palma Alvariño, Carlos Delgado, Simon Cruz, among others. So, if you're looking for stricking pieces that reflect a diverse range of artistic perspectives, Matiz Gallery, in Born, should be at the top of your list.


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Alex Voinea

Alex Voinea, in the vein of the great expressionists, unleashed a vibrant display of acrylic pigments upon the canvas. The mesmerizing gradient serves as a backdrop for the artist's textural manipulations, imbuing the artwork with a sense of sculptural relief. One could say that the painting seems to burst forth from the two-dimensional plane, much like a bas-relief carving springing from its background. The result is a mesmerizing interplay of color, texture, and form that transcends the boundaries of traditional painting.
Another great painting in #Matiz_bcn🎨



"Human" is a painting that is part of the series of pastel heads on paper by Simon Cruz. If you look more closely you will notice the second monkey head that plays with the right eye, enclosing a new space between the colors.
Another great painting in #Matiz_bcn🎨


"Jordi Artigas"

This composition has a harmony of colors, tangible intentions and clear and precise paint brush strokes.
@artigas_art_jordibrings forth another great painting to#Matiz_bcn🎨



This is the third painting of the pomegranate color series. This painting with a minimalist finish concentrates on the uniform dynamic form. The white fabric of the canvas, the negative space, becomes almost as important as the pomegranate color itself.


"No name"

Inspired by experiments with liquid paint on vibrating surfaces, Voinea’s intention throughout his various recent series of abstract works has remained the same, to capture and freeze a vibrant and colorful moment in time and space.

Voinea consistently expresses his passionate and inquisitive character in his colorful abstract paintings, adventurous works that push the bounds of creativity with experimentation, brilliant colors and striking forms. Voinea’s oeuvre, in summary, is visceral, striking and powerful, living and organic.

Alex Voinea’s paintings have been exhibited in  Europe (Brussels, Paris, Milan, London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm),  and the United States in New York and Los Angeles. 



"...The experience of immigrants from oppressed countries in Europe can vary greatly depending on factors such as skin color or surname. The path towards social and economic integration is often a long and difficult one, and can be further complicated by a lack of equity..."
The Mexican artist Simon Cruz is known for creating oil paintings full of symbolism and subtlety. One of the defining characteristics ins this painting is the use of an orange-red background, which serves as a striking backdrop for the subtle details in primary colors that are meticulously incorporated into the painting.


"Los 90’s"

"...Esta serie de fotografías es un homenaje a todos aquellos artistas que llenaron el estudio de color. Música, plumas, lentejuelas…fueron la tónica diaria de aquellos años dorados…"

La temática expuesta era parte de la vida misma y de nuestra gente. Poniendo el acento en el interés humano, en una ciudad viva de siempre y donde las fotografías dotan a su vez de un contenido social.

more coming soon!

"Jordi Artigas"

A #blackolive- colored background is accented with #red-orange and #blackstripes, #ceruleanblue lines, and a white spot. The whole design is framed in black tinted wood.


"Alex Voinea"

The harlequin green brush stroke and the mixture of primary colors highlights playfully the white canvas.



Tango is a new composition by palma alvariño in#Matiz_bcn. Using a palette of browns, the artist, achieves a composition that roots in the space. The choice of a dark goldenrod brown as the main color gives a clear contrast but at the same time a pleasant and peaceful view. Making it a great #artcollection



Continuing with our street-art theme we now show Simón Cruz. A multidisciplinary artist who works from graffiti to oil canvas. He borrows ideas from artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Picasso and his own Mexican heritage with which he captures new concepts.

skateboard street-art matiz gallery barcelona palma alvariño palmaalv_ buy art online


Street art in barcelona has a long history, from the mid 80's to the present, from innovation to rejection and finally to "tolerance". Nowadays, after the rise of street art thanks to "super" artists like#banksyor#shepardfairey, urban art is no longer demonized, but still leaves many questions open in how Barcelona should approach it.

pomegranate skateboard Matiz Art Gallery Palma Alvarino gift buy online sell


Since the 70's skate culture and street art are deeply intertwined. With prominent artists like#keithharing#hajimesorayamaand a personal favorite#yayoikusamawe have seen a fusion in between fine arts and street art.
This is but a sneak peek into our exhibitions coming in 2023.

This skate art was made by Palma Alvariño

oil painting on canvas matiz gallery Simon Cruz

"My religion is very simple"

Simon Cruz's oil paintings narrate a bridge in between abstract art and surrealism, in between the unconscious and awareness, with joyous touch of color.

2 x 2 m

Oil on canvas

acrylic on paper painting alex voinea matiz art gallery barcelon buy art online

"Alex Voinea"

This explosion of color on a white background paper, is just something you cant stop looking at. The accidental but confident strokes of the brush fills up the paper with a rush of colors

78 x 56 cm

Acrylic, on paper.



A hidden pomelo stripe with 2 dominant red bands above, supported by a deep cyan and midnight blue case gives this abstract composition weight, contrast and depth. A piece that wont go unnoticed in a sophisticated space.

61×50 cm

Acrylic, graphite, spray
paint and gesso on wood. 2021.


"Alex Voinea"

Alex Voinea is a Romanian artist, based in Barcelona for more than 20 years. Alex is one of our most veteran artists and a participant in art fairs all over Europe and America. 

this is a smaller format, instead of a canvas, alex voinea, paints with acrylic on a thick paper. The background, a yellow gradient with colors that stamp the paper.



Beautifully made triptych painting from Palma Alvariño now being showed in #matiz_bcn.
It instantly imbues the space with outstanding style and modernity. This light espresso color fills the canvas with a hard touch of class and intention.


"Jordi Artigas"

Jordi Artigas earthy pigments mixed with a neon orange and a Yale blue makes for a beautiful composition.



Carlos Delgado´s work now exposed in barcelona!

more info coming soon!


Maleza is born from the desire to reconnect spontaneously with nature, and as a celebration of my land. Weed (maleza) can be read as an unwanted but also a free willed element; less controlled and intervened, natural, and always there. Weed represents the wild and all the natural instincts that revive again, once we allow them spaces for it. Like the plants that grow on the sidewalks, nature — both around us and within oneself — will find a way to emerge, resist, and succeed.



Alberto Ruiz Villar´s shapes, forms and different use of materials makes for a unique and marvelous acquisition for the buyer. the Spray paint, graphite and gesso give a subtle relief on the canvas.


Alex Voinea

This amazing 2 by 2 m acrylic painting, now exhibited in MATIZ.

Using spontaneous strokes, the artist, creates a penetrating composition leaving the viewer in awe.