#002 Decoding Alberto Ruiz Villar's art

painting by alberto ruiz Villar. decoding of his art and abstraction. 阿尔贝托-鲁伊斯-比利亚尔的绘画。malerei von alberto ruiz Villar. entschlüsselung seiner kunst und abstraktion.
In this article, I want to analyze the work of Alberto Ruiz Villar and how he approaches abstraction. Alberto has a clear graphic and academic background, and that's reflected in the premises of his art. As for technique and details, he uses acrylic, spray paint, gesso, and graphite on different surfaces like thick canvases or wood. Concocting a grid based on proportions using the Fibonacci sequence, he then proceeds to create sedimentations of colors, filling the forms of the grid, bringing clear geometry into play. Of course, outside of patterns, proportionality, textures, contrast, and more, Alberto brings a lot of graphic techniques into play. There is careful consideration in this layering. He proceeds then to damage the cleanness of the piece, leaving the graphite marks, numbers, and scratches visible to the eye. This is also relevant to his process and reflects on his personality. Alberto, a humble artist, damages his paintings in order to hide his ego as an artist and creator and maybe to show art as something less elitist and unreachable.
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