Abstracción en arte y galerías de arte.

Acrylic Black painting made by palma alvarino in matiz gallery barcelona

In this first article, I wanted to write about Alex Voinea and his pieces. While sharing daily space with his paintings, I gradually started to recognize my endless curiosity in the pieces. Every day, walking by, there is a growing sense of perception and depth that I get from them. Knowing the artist personally, I feel a strong presence of him in the pieces. Talking with Alex, he recognizes his art as an adaptable concept, from abstract expressionist to neo-expressionist to even hyper-realistic abstraction. We analyzed how his art transitioned from abstract to hyper realistic, how the use of figurative shades in the drippings added a whole other concept to his paintings, how the careful palette and knowledge of color are reflected in the paintings, the different dilutions, techniques, and tools he uses, and also analyzed how other artists try to do something similar and compared. I have to give a major shoutout to Alex because reaching this level of mastery of color dilution, blend, and detail is in no way a simple endeavor. The complexity and effort on his part are clearly reflected in the pieces, and most of our visitors can't stop themselves from touching the paintings and canvas. Right now in Barcelona, we are hosting his newest exhibition, "Eccentric Abstraction," until the end of May 2024 at Matiz Gallery.

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