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"...The experience of immigrants from oppressed countries in Europe can vary greatly depending on factors such as skin color or surname. The path towards social and economic integration is often a long and difficult one, and can be further complicated by a lack of equity..."
The Mexican artist Simon Cruz is known for creating oil paintings full of symbolism and subtlety. One of the defining characteristics ins this painting is the use of an orange-red background, which serves as a striking backdrop for the subtle details in primary colors that are meticulously incorporated into the painting.

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- Do not expose paintings or prints to direct sunlight.

- Display your art in a cool, dry place.Gently clean your canvases with a soft, damp cloth.

- Avoid using household chemical cleaners, as they can damage the artwork.

- Wrap your prints in acid-free archival paper before storing or transporting them.Never stack multiple paintings against each other.

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