Almanac x Matiz

  • art Collaboration with almanac hotel and hotel's restaurant Virens by matiz gallery in Barcelona, Alberto Ruiz Villar

    The restaurant

    Virens restaurant boasts a uniquely designed, high-quality space now adorned with art

  • Alberto ruiz Villar in matiz art gallery in barcelona 2023 art exhibition

    The artist

    Alberto Ruiz Villar is an artist born in Barcelona, where he currently lives and works. He graduated in graphic design at 'L'Escola Massana' in 1996. He has worked as an art director and photographer. He teaches 'art direction' at the IED and has given workshops in the same discipline at 'L'Escola Massana'.

  • The team

    Ivonne Parra and Juan Ramirez, the gallerists of Matiz and the artist Alberto Ruiz partner with Almanac Hotel to craft an art-infused space.

Digitally curated visualizations of art meticulously selected to complement the space and its interior design.