Jordi Artigas

Collection: Jordi Artigas

Jordi Artigas: Illuminating the Path to Beauty, Balance, and Subtle Harmony

Embarking on a captivating artistic journey, Jordi Artigas delves into the intricate realms of colors, pigments, and textures, immersing himself in a profound long-term study. His artistic vision, however, transcends the realms of observation and embraces the art of composition. Amidst an ever-expanding repertoire of tools and lines, Artigas masterfully weaves together elements to discover equilibrium and harmony.

In stark contrast to expressionist abstract artists like Tapies or Rothko, Artigas deviates from raw emotion and embraces the pursuit of beauty. His work radiates with a serene allure, inviting the spectator to embark on a journey of subtle enjoyment. With each brushstroke and meticulous arrangement, Artigas aims to create an experience that resonates on a profound and delicate level, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the interplay of light and form.

Within Artigas' creations lies a captivating alchemy, where colors merge and textures intermingle, offering a visual symphony that awakens the senses. Through his dedication to composition and balance, Artigas crafts a world where beauty and harmony reign, inviting the observer to savor each moment of artistic indulgence.

Thanks in part to the international fairs in which he has participated, Artigas’ work can be found in private collections throughout the world including New York, Milan, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London and Brussels, among others.