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Alex Voinea Acrylic painting in matiz art gallery in Barcelona, buy sell art online eccentric abstraction art exhibition

Convergences: A Dialogue between the Abstract and the Figurative.

01.09.2024 - 30.09.2024 | "Convergences" is an exhibition that invites you to explore the fascinating intersection between abstract and figurative art. From September 1-30, our gallery becomes a dynamic space where young contemporary artists share their unique perspectives of the world.

painting in acrylic yesso graphite on wood or canvas by Alberto Ruiz Villar catalan artist painter graphic designer in the art gallery matiz in barcelona. pintura en acrilico yesso grafito en madera o canvas de Alberto Ruiz Villar artista pintor catalan disenador grafico en la galeria de arte matiz en barcelona.Gemälde in Acryl yesso Graphit auf Holz oder Leinwand von Alberto Ruiz Villar katalanischer Künstler Maler Grafikdesigner in der Kunstgalerie matiz in barcelona

Emerge: Outlines of a new future

04.06.2024 al 31.07.2024 | Is an exhibition that brings together a group of young emerging artists, both abstract and figurative, who are shaping the current art scene. The exhibition aims to showcase the diversity of styles and approaches that characterize this new generation of artists, as well as their potential to transform the art world.

art exhibition in Lobby almanac hotel barcelona MAtiz gallery

Almanac x Matiz

Reimagining the traditional hotel Almanac, Matiz Gallery partners with Alberto Ruiz V. to curate an exquisite art exhibition within the hotel's lobby. Furthermore, our exclusive suites are transformed into immersive art experiences, showcasing the remarkable works of Palma Alvarino, Catherine Parra, and Albert Ruiz. Join us for the grand vernissage event on September 28, 2023, to experience this unique fusion of hospitality and art.


Past exhibitions


12.01.2024 through 14.03.2024

In his quest for balance, Jordi Artigas presents a series that is paradoxically harmonious and disruptive. Each canvas becomes a platform for intentional contrasts, a dialogue between order and spontaneity. The artist's chosen medium is a blend of coffee, glue, and water on canvases featuring persistent blank spaces or a natural linen background.


Christmas ARTmarkt

Join us at Gallery Matiz on December 17th from 2 to 8 pm for our Flower Pop-Up event, kicking off our Christmas Art Market running until January 14th 2023, to experience this unique fusion of hospitality and art.


Art-Cat 2023 |Setmana de l'art 2023 | Barcelona abstracta

Experience the art celebration of 'Setmana de l'art 2023' organized by Galerías de Arte de Catalunya (GAC). From November 23rd to January 14th, join us for a week-long (month in our space) tribute to visual arts with exclusive events across various galleries and spaces. Explore the Matiz Gallery's exhibition called Barcelona abstracta & its contribution to this special event featuring Alberto Ruiz Villar and Catherine Parra. Enjoy art talks, a unique art raffle, and immerse yourself in the world of creativity and culture.


The essence of the form

The Matiz Gallery in Barcelona presents the new art exhibition by Palma Alvariño, titled "The Essence of Form."

When we immerse ourselves in a work of art, whether it be painting or sculpture, we encounter a world of shapes and colors that pique our curiosity. We ask ourselves: What meaning does it hold? What message does it seek to convey? Sometimes, we insist on seeking rational answers to these questions, but some artists, like Palma Alvariño, invite us to experience art in a more sensory and contemplative way.

Simon cruz Oil painting in matiz gallery in barcelona

Undead nature

Exhibition by the artist Simon Cruz

29.07.2023 - 15.09.2023


Live painting with Carlos Delgado

Art residency and performance, featuring Carlos D. special participation of ZNAK co.

01.05.2023 al 30.06.2023


Jordi Artigas

The artistic work of Jordi Artigas is the result of his constant search for new natural and earthy pigments; a profound evolution in his career as an painter that at this moment is in full creative maturity.

02.02.2023- 07.04.2023

Acrylic painting by Alex voinea in matiz gallery Barcelona Spain- eccentric abstraction

Joint exhibition

Palma Alvariño, Alex Voinea and Jordi Artigas.

01.01.2023 al 01.02.2023

more soon!
matiz gallery photography nicolas cifuentes 35 mm buy art online

Nicolas Cifuentes

The writing of appearances is a sensory and poetic journey that questions the limits of what’s perceivable, as we trace the route that leads to the ancient city of gold of the Tayronas. Using photography as the medium, An exploration of identity...

25.11.2022 - 15.12.2022



a joint art exhibition in between Palma Alvariño, Florent Dumortier and Alberto Ruiz. A distinct travel in between the abstraction of art.

16.06.2022 - 20.07.2022


Alex Voinea expo

Exposición del artista Alex Voinea

08.03.2022 - 14.05.2022

more soon!

Claude Andreini

He is an artist who travels through textures and volumes from sculpture to photography. Born as an analogue photographer, he adapted to digital by preparing the photographic printing support with materials such as plaster and paper.

03.01.2022 - 26.02.2022