Palma Alvariño

Collection: Palma Alvariño

As an artist, she likes to use her hands, she likes the craft of painting and enjoys working with the materials in the studio, but the work that moves her most is that which has a life of its own, that which has an energy and strength that makes it stand on its own. It is not reduced to mere gestures or spontaneous brushstrokes, the painstaking process of creation and the pictorial experience through which they have been elaborated makes their condition as an aesthetic product secondary.

What inspires me?

  • The Essence of the form

    This exhibition consists of a series of almost monochromatic paintings with abstract forms, emphasizing the artist's need to reveal the purity of form and grant autonomy to the artistic object itself. In other words, these paintings speak for themselves and of themselves. They do not submit to cold interpretations but underscore the importance of the experience itself: the act of looking, the gesture of contemplation. We could almost say that we are witnessing art suspended in time and space, art conceived with the aspiration to endure eternally and be universal. These works are guided by the idea that art is felt, not explained.

    23.09. - 10.11.2023

  • P.A.F

    a joint art exhibition in between Palma AlvariñoFlorent Dumortier and Alberto Ruiz. A distinct travel in between the abstraction of art.

    16.06. - 20.07.2022