Discover Our Art Collabs: Elevate Your Space with Art - Matiz Art Gallery offers a range of services to enrich your business environment. We curate captivating art installations for local and international business turning spaces into vibrant showcases of creativity. Our custom artwork options enable businesses to commission exclusive pieces that resonate with their unique identity. With our art leasing programs, you can refresh your ambiance regularly with new art. We also organize art events and exhibitions, providing a platform for local artists and a delightful experience for your patrons. Whether you're looking to invest in art or simply enhance your surroundings, we're here to make your space an artful destination. Let's collaborate to transform your space with the power of art.

Active collaborations

Alberto ruiz Villar in matiz art gallery in barcelona 2023 art exhibition

Almanac x Matiz

Reimagining the hotel Almanac, Matiz Gallery partners with Alberto Ruiz V. to curate an exquisite art exhibition within the hotel's restaurant Virens. Furthermore, Their exclusive suites are transformed into immersive art experiences, showcasing the remarkable works of Palma Alvarino, Catherine Parra, and Albert Ruiz. Join us for the grand vernissage event on September 28, 2023, to experience this unique fusion of hospitality and ar


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Nature renewed

3d printed Sculpture collaboration using