In "Barnizado," We collaborate with the artists to organize a 2-day flash event where the artists can invite, network, register, and show their work to the public. Below, you will find all the details about the application process, dates, and associated costs. It is a series of monthly exhibitions designed to offer emerging artists an opportunity to exhibit professionally in a recognized environment. Inspired by the ancient tradition of varnishing, where artists applied a final coat of varnish to their works before an exhibition, this event symbolizes the final touch and ultimate preparation of the artists before entering the art market.

Professional Exhibition Space

Each artist will have access to a dedicated wall in the gallery for 2 days.

We will provide:

- Promotional Materials

- Personalized Marketing

- Networking Opportunities

- Barnizado: Opening Event

- Finissage: Closing event, round table.

This exhibition will be curated by the gallery.

participation fee: 100 euros per day + 50 euros printing & cathering

Apply here!

The gallery

Next Barnizado is end of August 2024

Monthly event

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