Pedro Martinez Marin

Collection: Pedro Martinez Marin

Pedro Martinez Marín is an artist born in Barcelona. He currently resides between Barcelona and Cádiz.

He has studied at Eina, the Barcelona Industrial School and the Barcelona Academy of Art and postgraduate in “Body and art”, Alas (Barcelona). 

His paintings have been widely exhibited nationally and internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, U.S.A. Indonesia, Singapore, and Portugal.

He creates using acrylics, oils, lacquers, enamels, and ink on canvas, wood, paper, glass, and methacrylate-.

“I deconstruct and rebuild what I do all the time. I throw the parts on the ground, outdoors in the rain or in the sun and await the resurrection.  To create you have to return to the origin, to the nucleus, to the moment of the conception of things”. 

Marin studies human nature, I use the figure as a means of analysing or rather investigating and questioning contemporary ideas about the racial, sexual or social identity of the community, of society, emphasising the physical reality of the body and above all the importance of the psychological aspects that determine it.

I  express my vision of the ephemeral, of everything, because there is nothing imperishable; the human race, life, love, nature, civilization as we know it, culture ... Everything has a beginning and an end, everything is born and everything dies.