Emerge: Traces of a new future

04.06.2024 - 31.07.2024

Emerge: Traces of a New Future is an exhibition that brings together a group of young emerging artists, both abstract and figurative, who are shaping the current art scene. The exhibition aims to showcase the diversity of styles and approaches that characterize this new generation of artists, as well as their potential to transform the art world.

The artists participating in the exhibition experiment with a wide range of media and techniques, from painting and sculpture to video and performance.

Their work reflects a constant search for new forms of artistic expression. The artists in the exhibition address a wide range of social and political issues in their work, such as identity, globalization, climate change and the migration crisis. Their work seeks to provoke reflection and dialogue among the public. The exhibition aims to give visibility to the work of emerging artists and contribute to their professional development. In addition, the exhibition seeks to bring contemporary art closer to the general public and encourage interest in new artistic proposals.

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