La escritura de las apariencias


The Writing of Appearances is a sensory and poetic journey that questions the limits of the visible while tracing the route that leads to the ancient golden city of the Tayronas. Using photography and film as a medium, this exploration of identity, nature and ancestral wisdom elevates the voices of the indigenous and peasant peoples of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on Colombia's Caribbean coast. Through the testimonies of the local communities, it seeks to build a bridge between the Western relationship with the territory and the ancient spiritual beliefs that the indigenous Tayronas have preserved for centuries.

Series of guacas

The guacas series brings together five heliographies on gold plates that refer to the indigenous tombs in which human remains were buried together with gold objects.

The guaca teyuna is an offering that will be buried in the lost city next to the mamo Rumaldo as a form of poetic restitution to the centuries of plundering by colonial voracity.