Ft. Amby Xopiah

On this date, Matiz Gallery will host its first official get-together at 7:00 pm to mark the beginning of TRANSITION. The event will feature live painting by artist Carlos Delgado, and a special guest appearance by poet Amby Xopiah who will narrate some of his lines.

Ft. Eliana Djan

Continuing the Art Residency, we have another exciting event lined up at 7:00 pm featuring artist Carlos Delgado, who will be painting live. Joining him as a guest artist is the talented singer Eliana Djan, who will be performing her coming soon EP “Yes/No” and the song "Why Y”. Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening!


After 16 days of painting in Matiz Gallery, we are excited to open the complete TRANSITION exhibition to the public on May 18th at 7:00 pm. The vernissage will showcase the stunning work of Carlos Delgado produced during this period. We warmly invite you to come and engage in discussions with the artist, as we celebrate this incredible showcase of creativity.