Live painting with Carlos Delgado


Artist Carlos Delgado will be painting live at the Matiz Gallery every day starting May 2. Moreover, on Fridays May 5 and 12, there will be poetry and live music sessions with the artist, providing a unique opportunity to gain insights into his artistic process. The artistic residency will culminate with a vernissage on May 18, where the result of his work will be exhibited. The exhibition of his works will be open to the public until May 30.


Delgado's paintings are an abstraction of his personal memories, mixing oil paint in large, open brushstrokes, using a wide variety of colors. The dynamism and vitality of the artist turns the moment of painting into an artistic performance. With brief movements he creates a sudden change of tone and expression, from an empty canvas to a captivating composition.

In a personal approach TRANSITION, the name of this residency and exhibition, represents Delgado's return to his roots. Delgado's return to his roots and memories of the Colombian countryside.

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