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One of a Kind Artwork with an Authenticity Certificate.

Paintings can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

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The painting showcases a remarkable interplay of colors, facilitated by a background that transitions from a subtle, light beige (ecru white) to pure white. This gradient effect significantly impacts our perception of the torrents of colors flowing throughout the artwork. A key element contributing to the composition's beauty is the meticulous attention given to creating a sense of depth. The various "streams" of colors interact in a way that conveys multiple layers of technique.

The foreground is dominated by a vibrant chartreuse green, which contrasts effectively with the lighter hues of the background. The top portion of the painting features darker reds and purples, forming an intriguing backdrop. Additionally, a middle ground is introduced through a stream of Cobalt blue, and the overall effect is enhanced by skillfully incorporated light shadows.

The artist's masterful manipulation of depth and three-dimensionality reflects a refined and time-honored technique. This approach aligns with the current artistic zeitgeist, showcasing the artist's ability to tap into the latest trends in art.

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Shipping & Returns / IVA

Shipping fees and applicable taxes are not included in the listed price. The gallery can arrange shipping for an additional cost, but we require the recipient's zip code to provide an accurate shipping quote. Please note that it takes approximately 30 minutes to determine the final shipping cost.

Shipping costs vary based on distance, weight, and size of the artwork. Paintings can be shipped framed or unframed, with the canvas rolled in a hard tube if preferred.

Before finalizing your purchase, please contact us for detailed shipping information. Each shipment is unique and insured for your peace of mind. Paintings can be shipped framed or unframed and the canva rolled in a hard tube. Before making your purchase ask us for details! Every shipment is unique and ensured.

Care Instructions

- Do not expose paintings or prints to direct sunlight.

- Display your art in a cool, dry place.Gently clean your canvases with a soft, damp cloth.

- Avoid using household chemical cleaners, as they can damage the artwork.

- Wrap your prints in acid-free archival paper before storing or transporting them.Never stack multiple paintings against each other.

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  • Shipping policy

    There are different ways to ship a painting, but to make an estimate of the shipping pricing we will need your ZIP code.

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  • how is it going to look?

    We do offer free personalized and realistic montage of the paintings for potential clients, we just need the picture of the place and some measurements! Send us a picture and ask for one!

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